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Date: June 4, 2010
Press release No. 001/06/2010

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Lutheran Junior Seminary plans major expansion
By Elizabeth Lobulu

The leadership of Morogoro-based Lutheran Junior Seminary (LJS) owned by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT) plans to undertake major renovations and constructing more buildings including classrooms and dormitories for the secondary school.

No major repairs have been done so far to most buildings that were constructed in 1973.

The Director of LJS Rev. Dr. George Fihavango has sent a circular letter, inviting well wishers and LJS alumni between 1969 and 2010 to make financial contribution to be able to achieve the expansion and renovations planned to cost TSh. 714,800,000.

Other strategies to get funds for the work will include organizing fund-raising events and soliciting soft loan from ecumenical and other financial institutions.

After the expansion the number of secondary school students will increase from 470 this year to 800 students next year.

In the proposed expansion plan six new classrooms, and dormitories and a hostel will be built and existing buildings will repaired.

Recreation time for students of LJS ©2008 LJS/ Language & Orientation School.

LJS was opened in 1969 at Kinampanda in Singida Region and later transferred to Vuga Bible Camp in Lushoto up to 1975 when it shifted to its permanent premises on about 74 hectors (125 acres) of land in Morogoro.

Started as secondary school to prepare church workers, later on LJS incorporated leadership training unit, language and orientation unit, agriculture training, and a nursery school. The secondary school that began with only Form I to IV now has Forms V and VI as well.

The 20 dioceses of ELCT are allocated an equal number of spaces for secondary school students on quota basis. Dr. Fihavango says the demand for space has increased considerably calling for the expansion. The school enrolls only 50 students for "O" Level yearly out of around 300 candidates who apply and enrolls 100 students for "A" level out of around 600 candidates.

Issued by: Secretary General's Office, ELCT.

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