Studio2.JPG (47717 Byte)

The new studio in the first loor

Studio3.JPG (32920 Byte)

The shoes have to stay outside

Studio4.JPG (23466 Byte)

Studio5.JPG (26309 Byte)

Technician Samuel at the controls

Studio6.JPG (26095 Byte)

Producer live on air

Studio7.JPG (18798 Byte)

the discussion room next to the studio

Studio1.JPG (24958 Byte)

Technicians working in the studio

Welcome in the new live studio of the Lutheran Radio centre.

It is located in the first floor of the building. For people having difficulty going up the stairs we still have a second live studio located at the bottom where you can easily enter right from the car.

We have to leave the shoes outside to care for the carpet floor!

Next to the new live studio is a special newsroom and a small discussion group room

If you want to book the studio for a live programme just arrage a time and date with the program officer




 Announcement 1


 Announcement 2
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