New Studio for the Lutheran Radio Centre is getting ready


Studio2.JPG (47717 Byte)

The new studio in the first loor

Studio3.JPG (32920 Byte)

The shoes have to stay outside

Studio4.JPG (23466 Byte)

Studio5.JPG (26309 Byte)

Technician Samuel at the controls

Studio6.JPG (26095 Byte)

Producer live on air

Studio7.JPG (18798 Byte)

the discussion room next to the studio

Studio1.JPG (24958 Byte)

Technicians working in the studio

We are so thankful that the Lutheran World Federation has equipped our new FM Live Studio!

The equipment has arrived, and the technicians of the centre have connected most of it.

We tested even the studio on air already.

Especially the live discussion room next to the studio many customers love very much. It enables a team of experts to answer questions of the listeners live on air!!

We had guests with a live program already about drug misuse and paying taxes correctly.

As soon as the curtains are ready we can open the studio officially!


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