RVOG STAFF VISITED ZANZIBAR TO LEARN MORE ABOUT HISTORY ''The Earth is Lord's and all its fullness... Psalm 24:1''
a slave!

very green !

sailing in boat! ''Jesus said to him'' i am the way, the truth and the life...John14:6''

Scripts on wall displaying History of Zanzibar.


sailing in boat! ''Rejoice in the Lord always...Philippians 4:4''


Remnants of East Efrican young people who were sold as slaves in Middle East during colonialism in Zanzibar Slave Market.

sailing in boat''And He came and preached peace...Ephesians 2:17''

Visitng Jozani National Park in Chwaka Bay

''Rejoice in the Lord always...Philippians 4:4'' Surprisingly Tanzanian Island rich in Historic facts during Colonial era!

such a pleasing art !Furniture made long time ago with scluptures,highly polished indeed!

Early Christian-missionary's tomb

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