Booster Lushoto

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Antenna on Diocese staff house

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Checking what is wrong with it

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Setting receiving frequency again right

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Adding a submeter

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It should have been moved up there since a long time!



On Wednesday, November 30th,  we went on to Lushoto. There we have a micro booster to cover some shielded part of Lushoto town not being able to listen to the programmes coming from Mlalo.

The general secretary’s girl helped us to get to the small transmitter located in the bathroom of one of the guest rooms. Unfortunately we found the Voltage protection switch was broken.

We reset the frequencies correctly of the receiver and found out it was still working! Unfortunately we get some hiss from the small transmitter into the receiver because the transmitting dipole is too close to the receiving antenna! We have to repair the broken transmitting antenna as soon as possible. But actually we should move the transmitter up the mountain above Lushoto for a better coverage!

To know better how much electricity is being used by this micro Booster we connected a sub-meter in front of it.

From here we continued our journey to Tanga.