Booster reparing Telemetry system

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We start at the house of Luca

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It is raining on Meru already!

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Fiew Arusha half way up

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Transmitter hut

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Transmitter cupboard

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Deo refilling water

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Pick-up blocking the road on the way down






On Monday, December 12th, we prepared everythin necessary with Jonathan, to put the transmitter in Morogoro back to air. It had some problem with the electricity supply. He went to Morogoro by bus on Tuesday.

When we set off to Arusha on Wednesday morning. Jonathan had been on the Bondwa mountain, and we had contact with him on the phone. He could restopre the power problem. Deo made several phone calls to find out that the link station at the diocese was not on air at that time unfortunately. So Jonathan could not test the transmitter signal on air. But he passed by the diocese and ensured the link transmitter is working the next moring.

Arriving in Arusha we first passed by the biggest electronic shops of the region to find out the price for new cassette decs for the studio. Unfortunately no cassette decs are still sold these days. And we still have many customers wanting their songs on cassette!

When we came to Kivesi mountain, we saw heavy rains at Mt. Meru. But we made it up to our transmitter hut before the rain came over to Kivesi.

We found all the transmitter and the telemetry working. Deo topped up the water in the batteries while I was looking for the cause, why we do not receive the transmitter data via telemetry. The telemetry data are very much helpful to know what transmitter is on air at what time. It is good to read the greating cards of the listeners of a specific region only if the transmitter is on air, too! The history of the datra helps a lot to trace any fault!

I followed the plugs of the modem. But all seemed all right until I found a small pice of wire was missing in between! A mouse had built a nest under the transmitter, and the little bit of wire had been in its way!!

That was easy to repair. I just resoldered it and everythin worked again!

We came back before darkness.