connecting Generator

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The road is too slippery. we have to walk

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Arrived at the transmitter side

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Temba opening the door

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Transmission room from above

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Bolting the generator back in place

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Connecting the many wires

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Closing again

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Back at the car again


On Thursday December 15th we went up again to Kidia to connect the generator we already had lowered to its place.

The days before Tebmba, our driver had purchased towls, soap and Cerusin to clean the generator. I looked for a new Diesel and oil filter, diesel pipes and hose clamps. On the way up we added a pipe nibble and union to connect the exhaust pipe really airt tight, that the generator can not make the room so dirty any more.

Unfortunately it had rained in the forrest the days before. So we had to walk up tie last 2 kilo metres.

The watchman greeted us when we arrived. The first thing was to install a flourescent tube light to have sufficient light down there.

Then we rebolted the engine to its frame. That was not so easy, because the holes seemed to be dislocated and the generator is quite heavy.

Then we continued with the diesel pipes and the electrical wiring. When we came to the Diesel shut off solinoid we notices that it can not work. What had happened? It was rewound when the generator got repaired in the garage!

I tried to redo it to the original state but the solinoid did not pull hard enough to open the diesel injection.

So we could not get the generator working now. I asked the manufacturer for help. If necessary we have to order a new solinoid. Temba will ask the fundi in town who made the modification, how the original state had been.