Kidia Transmitter

got a new receiving Antenna

06-05-11_0905a.jpg (22371 bytes)

Loading the long ladder and new antenna for Kidia

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Getting some biskits and sodas for lunch

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Now connecting all 4 wires to the 2 phases to reduce power losses!

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The car could not move further on because it was sliding

06-05-11_1218a.jpg (25206 bytes)

Continuing our trip by foot on the muddy way

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We arrived!

06-05-11_1253a.jpg (33023 bytes)

We have to use a forrest ladder because we could not bring our heavy one!

06-05-11_1405a.jpg (25015 bytes)

All 4 wires are beeing used now to minimize voltage drop

06-05-11_1444a.jpg (31966 bytes)

Jonathan is fixing the new antenna

06-05-11_1449a.jpg (30523 bytes)

.... is holding the old one to stay on air while the new one is beeing fixed

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Last words with the watchmen

06-05-11_1607a.jpg (30311 bytes)

Returning down to the car


On Friday May 6h we took off to Kidia Transmitter around 9 o clock.