Travel Report

Hagwe 16.09.2011

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Steep way up to our transmitter site

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Wonderful fiew down to Lake Jippe and Jalla and far into Kenya

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We connected the inverter in the car with extention cables up to our transmitter site

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Our transmitter site

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Deo checkling the transmitter


On Friday morning Deo Mosha and I set off to Hagwe Transmitter to check why it is not on air any more.
Actually we wanted to service the transmitter since a longer time, but other work as the one on the transmitter in Morogoro had been more important.
These days the road up to Mwika is tarmac. So we reached the transmitter site just after an hour.
The way up the Hagwe mountain is very muddy at the bottom during rains. But the time we arrived it had almost been dried up. We still saw the traces of many cars got stuck there. So the warning of the watchman not to come on Monday had a true reason!
Unfortunately there was no electricity at the transmitter site. So we connected all with two 50m extension cables with the inverter operated by the battery of the car.
Our transmitter hut had been made dirty by mouse, and we cleaned it as far as possible.
Switching the transmitter on everything seemed to be working. The receiver's backup battery was still charged, the receiver still remembered its receiving frequency,
We wondered who could have switched off the transmitter. But after switching it on all lights came on normally. Except it did not had any output power! And the Lock LED did not light as well.
Since all fuses were o.k. We had to take the Transmitter with us to Moshi to check what is wrong with it.
But since we were at the site we returned the telemetry transmitter and its antenna we had in Moshi to be repaired as well.
We came back to Moshi around 16:00