Transmitter in Tanga is on air!

On Wednesday, February 23rd we left Moshi to install the transmitter in Tanga.

The week before we got the permission to go on air in Tanga with its frequency assignment from TCRA in Dar Es Salaam.

Very busy days followed to build the transmitter antennas, which have to be cut for the transmitter frequency precisely for best efficiency.

From Moshi to Tanga we got 2 punctures. The first time a bicycle axle (12 cm long ! ) went right in to the left back tire.

After about 50 km the spare tire went low in air. This had never been used before, but its rubber mixture simply fell into pices, even though the air pressure was alright at the beginning.

Right in Tanga we could not open the door of the small hut. Some very small bees have blocked everything within it. After a long try of opening it, it finally agreed to open, and we could clean ervery thing and fill it with vaseline to prevent the bees to return.

First the transmitter antenna had to be exchanged with the new one cut for the the frequency assigned. To do so, the 6m Pipe on top of the antenna mast had to be lowered. Unfortunately high wind speeds made it working difficult.While the transmitter was on air already the telemetry antenna was fitted, and all the necessary devices were fixed in the transmitter hut. This will help to remote monitor it from Moshi.

It was wonderful to listen to the first telephone call in program, because so many people called from Tanga Town and surrounding!

Because the location of the transmitter the range is about 30 km around Tanga. But many more people would like to listen. The next step will be to get the planned transmitter location high up Tanga in the Amani mountains ready. We need about 2 km of Earth cable to bring electricity there. This will cost us about 3000 Euro, and we need a sponsor for it! The major of the village up there invited us, and promised us a free plot. This will rise the antenna hight from 30m to about 2000 metres, enough to give us a range of about 200 km with the same power!

Who will help us in the next step?

building the hut and antenna mast

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