Booster Rombo 

Getting the plot              


The latest pictures are here:

17.12.2002 Putting the hut

20.12.2002 Setting up Antenna mast

24th/26th Test transmission on Christmas

Early in the morning we packed everything in the office car, and headed for Mwika. We first took the road leading to Tanga, but did not turn right at the junction, but continued up to Himo. From there a good tarmac road leads up to Marangu, where most tourist start to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. A dirty road continues Eastward to Mwika.

In Mwika we found a big traffic jam of at least 30 Lorries collecting cooking bananas for Dar-Es-Salaam, and we had to wait until the traffic cleared some bit.

The watchmen of the TTCL phone relay opened us the gate, to turn the car around. He had been very helpful to find a suitable spot, where we could build the small transmitter hut, and he introduced us even to the plot owners.

Our problem was: Usually the price is not too high, but as son as many organisations try to build transmitters up there, the plot is getting sold very expensive!

So we had to minimize the space needed, that the studio could afford the price.

The treaty had to be confirmed with all neighbours.

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