"Sauti Ya Injili" can be heard on FM on the following frequencies:

  • Kilimanjaro 92.3 MHz   
  • Arusha 96.1 MHz   
  • Rombo 96.3 MHz   
  • Same 100.3 MHz  
  • Usambara 102.6 MHz   
  • Tanga 96.5 MHz   
  • Morogoro 99.9 MHz   
  • Kibaya 102.9 MHz   
  • Ngorongoro 94.0 MHz   

Last condition update: Date:15.02.2023 Time:21:19:28

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We are still working on an audio satellite channel

If you are outside the receiving area of our FM Transmitters please open to listen to the radio programmes!



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 Announcement 2
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