New Director for Lutheran Radio Centre

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We say good bye to Pastor Ringo and his wife

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The director announces who will be the new director of the Lutheran Radio centre

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Philemon at his speech after beeing nominated new director of the LRC

                                                                                17th Decemba 2010

About two weeks ago we wished farewell to pastor Ringo and his wife.

After he retired from normal service as a pastor he still continued to be the studio chaplin for many years. We thank him so much for all the many years he tought us and councelled us within the studio!

This morning actually the general secretary of the ELCT wanted to greet us after morning devotion, but another very necessary meeting prevented him from coming. So our director Calvin Lyaro had to bring the message of the ELCT to us himself.

The ELCT has chosen Philemon Phihavango as the new director of the ELCT Lutheran Radio Centre.

The Church prepared him since many years until he passed his master degree in communications this year.

He will be the studio director starting January 1st 2011.

There will be big major tasks ahead: The hole studio needs to be restructured to make it competitive with the new content producing meadia houses of today. This applied for the staff, the work flow and the programmes produced.

Calvin Laryo will retire end of December 2010. He had been serving for the church since the time of "Radio Voice of the Gospel" in Addis Abeba for more than 40 years. He made it possible the Lutheran Radio Centre survived all the years in spite of very hard time in church restructuring.

With him the head of the technical department Anderson Mmbandow will retire as well end of this year.