Festival October 8th 2016

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Deo is recording Dr. Frederic Shoo calling all Christians to participate in the Church Festival.

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Deo is preparing the announcement from Dr. Frederic Shoo

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Dr. Olotu in Makumira is preparing her speech for the church festival.

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The discussion group in the studio preparing the discussion after Dr. Olotus speech.

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Hellen is moderating the program

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Every one gives his contribution

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Even all participants are included in the thoughts of the discussion group and the listeners!

                                             9. 10. 2016

Have you ever been parying, hearing the word of God or singing with thousands of Christians worldwide?

On October 8th 2015 we had that chance!

A church building could not hold so many people! Everyone would have had to come together to a common place. But that is not necessary using modern technology! Everyone can worship where he is right now. The internet connects all people!

On your computer or smart phone you can see and hear the speacers. You can even communicate with them and other listenersstraight using your computer!

All participans had the chance to sing in the choir of this event, a virtual choir! How? A choir teacher was availabel weeks bevore. Every one could train his or her voice, sing it, and the organizers of the event joined all the voices for a choir!

For all participans it was a blessed day from 11 in the morning up to 10 in the night getting so many insights from around the world, communicating with so many fellow christians!

Do you plan to choin us next year?

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Here you can listen to Dr. Frederic Shoo informing the listeners about the event

Here you can listen to the speech of Dr.Olotu in English

Here you can listen to the speech of Dr.Olotu in Swahili

Here you can listen to the program on air

Here you can get the flyer of the event