The Sisters of Usharika

Wa Neema celebrate their 25th universary

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The sisters are coming into the tent

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During Liturgy of the service

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The new Bishop, Dr. Frederik Shoo, preaching

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Str. Didlinde is getting her red rose as sign of the yubilee

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Trompet choir

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Director Philemon Fihavango with his wife

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Mr. And Mrs. Kiesel, Pastor

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Str. Didlinde is bringing the greetings from all sisters of the motherhouse in Augsburg, Germany

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Mrs. Kamm is reminding the sisters to their goals

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Mr. Georg Kamm, one of the founders of UWN

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Bishop Dr. Fredrik Shoo

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Staffed Bishoph Dr. Kweka with his greetings

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Now we are getting lunch!

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And even the girls like the chicken!


Listen to the special program of Sauti ya Injili!

Listen to the speech of Mama Kamm

Listen to the speech of Bishop Dr. Kweka

Listen to the speech of Str. Didlinde

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They are Sisters now for 25 years!