Tanga Transmitter

got a new antenna mast

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Uploading 4 remaining sections of antenna mast

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We got accomodation in Mbuyukenda

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We had supper in the Swimming Club

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Sorting out sections of the new antenna mast

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Painting it

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Taking old antenna mast down

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Fitting new antenna mast base

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Painting white sections

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Painting antennas

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Lore is helping with the guy wires

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Cutting trees to get new space for the guy wires

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Pulling antennas up

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Taking crane down

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Selling rotten guy wires

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Container ship habour

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We took off Moshi on Tuesday July 10th 2012 after loading the remaining 4 sections of the new antenna mast on the carrier of the Landrover. We had lunch some bit before Mombo and refueled in Korogwe, because the cheapest diesel was available there.
We were glad to get accommodation at Mbuyukenda the church hostel in Tanga. Fundi Macha and Amadeus preferrred to take a self contained room near to the bus station.
The next morning we started at Kisosora to take down the antennas. In the afternoon we started to cut the old antenna mast into pieces since it was impossible to take the pipes apart again because of the rust.

Fundi Amadeus applied the secon coat of paint to the new antenna mast while Fundi Macha and I worked on the antenna mast. He also had been a helping hand on the ground when ever we needed help. He also cut the tree branches being in the way to put the new guy wires.

It took up to Thursday noon until we had the old antenna mast removed. It was high time we took it away since also the guy wires were braking while taking them away. The rust had eaten them alredy badly!

The fundi Macha started to set the new antenna base where the old one had been. He welded it on the old base to re-use the ground system.

The new antenna mast is using flanges to connect all the pipes to make sure no water can get into the pipes any more. We also used galvanized pipes for further rust protection.

It took up to Friday evening to erect the new antenna mast. Lore and Amadeus were helping to get the new guy wires straightened out. That had been not too easy, since it had been rolled up.

On Saturday morning we finished the top guy wires and pulled up the top antenna pipe. Then we started to re mount the transmitting, telemetry and receiving antennas.

We finished on Saturday evening shortly before it had been totally dark.

We could sell the old guy wires as scraper for 8000 Ths. But we had to pay 3000 Tsh for transport to the harbor.

Fundi Amadeus and Macha returned to Moshi on Sunday morning while we stayed up to Monday to re-follow again TTCL for the internet connection.

Easter this year the reception was excellent in Tanga. But now we get bad splatter again from a new station in Kenya. We have to use the internet connection to stream the program from Moshi to Tanga.

Unfortunately no one helped us to follow up the high speed internet connection. We had filled in all forms and already left the money for it at the congregation since a year, but nothing moved forward.

Also the electricity meter for the transmitter. We filled all forms, Martha followed the contractor, we readjusted what is needed, we left all the money there. But nothing happened since! The congregation is still paying for the electricity of the transmitter!

Work left is to follow up the internet connection, connect Moshi to the transmitter straight, not any more through the transmitter in Mlalo and follow up the electricity meter. We also have to cement the mast foundation higher, that no water can stay on it during rain and reinforce the guy wire pegs with concrete.

We arrived in Moshi Monday evening.



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