TCRA Meeting

Dar Es Salaam

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Our luxury Bus to Dar

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Road after heavy rains

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Stop in Chalinze in Chalinze

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Our  Hotel

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Entrence to Kunduchi Hotel where the meeting took place

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Zawadi is reporting the news to Moshi

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Even the television is covering the event

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Meeting continues

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Lunch on the beach

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Unfortunately it is low tidde!

                                                10. 12. 12


This week we went to the meeting of all Tanzanian broarcasters in Dar Es Salaam sponsored by the TCRA.

We got many new insights in the transition from analoge to digital.

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Meeting of all Religous Bradcasters

06-12-12_1518.jpg (65960 Byte)

even Radio Upendo, ATN, Top FM etc

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Pastor Fernandes of ATN is leading

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Philemon and Protos from Iringa

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Some good snags

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Sun is setting

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