Booster Maintenence


Morogoro0.JPG (26836 Byte)

Always Southward

Morogoro1.JPG (12594 Byte)

Short stop for lunch

Morogoro2.JPG (21159 Byte)

Finally we reached the small village up of Morogoro

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Deo hands out small booklets about Jesus


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We pass the old Missionary house called Morningsite

Morogoro4.JPG (22746 Byte)

Morogoro6.JPG (29073 Byte)

We reached the rain forrest

Morogoro7.JPG (26284 Byte)

Through the rain forrest

Morogoro8.JPG (28624 Byte)

Morogoro7a.JPG (7127 Byte)

Antenna mast in the clounds

Morogoro9.JPG (17260 Byte)

We refitted the reception antenna on a better place

Morogoro10.JPG (11708 Byte)

We repared the cutted cable

Morogoro11.JPG (8958 Byte)

and the broken Telemetry antenna

Morogoro12.JPG (17989 Byte)

And it does not behave badly, too...

Morogoro13.JPG (15157 Byte)

Already late at night, everything working again...

Morogoro14.JPG (18309 Byte)

But we got to repair a puncture before we can set off...

                                                                                 20.09. 09

We continued our joerney from Kibaya to Morogoro. It is a bit more than 100 km on the dirt road until we reached the tormac road leading to Morogoro. We refilled diesel while Lore went shopping to the bakery in town. Then we drove the small, narrow, steep road up along the old German Boma up to the last village on the Bondwa Mountain. We reached our aim this day after 307 km. Many children greeted us when we arrived under the small Lutheran church, while all the lights went on down in Morogoro. We greethed the evangelist and distributed small booklets about the live of Jesus. Then we discussed who will be helping to carry things up the mouintain the next day.

At seven in the morning we started to go up the Bondwa, me, Deo and 4 porters. We tried to hurry up to have as much time as possible up there, and arrived at the transmitting side after 3 hours. First we looked a the new transmitters of Radio Free Africa with Star TV, of Abood mit TV, of Radio Iman FM, of Kiss FM, of Clouds FM, of Radio Tumaini, of the new  station Top FM and of Radio Kweli, running now on 3000 Watts.

Then we went up the antenna mast and looked after our antenna system. Since the big old unused dishes had been removed, we could place our receiving antenna on a free spot at the mast corner.

Someone had cut a pice of coax cable of our transmitting antenne. Aparently he needed it with the N-plug. They had turned around the telemetry antenna and cutted the gamma match. No wonder we did not receive any more data from this transmitter. We also had to fix the feeder cable newly up the antenna mast before we could continue inside with the transmitter itself.

We installed a new battery for the telemetry unit, then an additional antenna filter, and had to replace the over- under voltage protection switch, since the other one burned out!

Unfortunately we had to realize, that the old battery charger was no longer working as well. I asked Lore to send a replacement with another porter while I exchanged the NTCs and the Varistor in the transmitter. We got the spare around at 8 in the evening and could test everything exept the reception from Same, where we had a power cut. We paied the watchmen for the last 2 years and decended in the dark. Around 10 o´clock we arrived again at the car where Lore had prepared supper already.

The next moring we had to repair a slow puncture before we could continue our joerney to Lushoto.