Picture Travel report

Mlalo April 1st, 2021

Preparing the car to be fit for the Safari

Short wave receiver to listen on the beacon on the way

Here you get our travel route


Arriving in Mlalo old Mission.

Following cable which connects transmitter to electricity

Fundi repairing cable where the forest fire had destroyed it.

We came up to the big rock where the cable runs up straight to the transmitter. But there was still a short on the line.

So we went up again on Good Friday morning from the old mission.

Close to this house we are having the electricity connection these days.

At the end of the village you find this Lutheran Church. From there you have to go through the woods to get up to the transmitter.



Up at the transmitter site:

We find mice have made everything dirty and eaten connection cables!

We have to clean everything!

And continue to look for the short

Godlisten finds the short right at the dangerous end of the steep rock. But we cannot repair it before we get an additional role of cable to replace the melted one.

The transmitter is ready to work again after the cable got replaced