Preparing the live

transmission of our New Bishop

27-01-16_1018.jpg (59970 Byte)

Load all equipment into the OB-Van

27-01-16_1140.jpg (54185 Byte)

We set up all and test it in the church

27-01-16_1407.jpg (53060 Byte)

We get a Internet connection at the OB-Van and use a mobile Vodacom connection if the other one fails!

30-01-16_1330.jpg (56124 Byte)

There are 6 Microphones to capture all sounds close to the altar

30-01-16_1328.jpg (44590 Byte)

And Barnba is always selecting the right ones!

30-01-16_1547.jpg (67636 Byte)

Between the tents and the church our reporters will moderate the service!

30-01-16_1538.jpg (52651 Byte)

We are preparing to upload all new pictures to Facebook in the OB van

30-01-16_1617.jpg (46263 Byte)

30-01-16_1616.jpg (50980 Byte)

On Saturday afternoon we can test all equipment during two wedding cermonies.

Kirchendach.jpg (22292 Byte)

There we test an internet independent connection to the studio wich does not work unfortunately.

31-01-16_1421.jpg (51613 Byte)

But the link straight to Kidia works out!

31-01-16_1208.jpg (48613 Byte)

Verra and Debora during the live transmission in the studio.

31-01-16_1225.jpg (51464 Byte)

31-01-16_1334.jpg (52990 Byte)

31-01-16_1411.jpg (54768 Byte)

Flower decorations in the church

31-01-16_1413.jpg (73354 Byte)

of the ELCT



IMG-20160131-WA0054.jpg (56912 Byte)

A trompet Choir from Germany leading the parade through the town to the church.

IMG-20160131-WA0042.jpg (56097 Byte)

IMG-20160131-WA0055.jpg (37727 Byte)

IMG-20160131-WA0056.jpg (43052 Byte)


IMG-20160131-WA0053.jpg (37735 Byte)

Arrived at the church!

IMG-20160131-WA0057.jpg (21462 Byte)

20160131_075052.jpg (27938 Byte)

20160131_075131.jpg (28187 Byte)

20160131_075145.jpg (26564 Byte)

Dr. Shoo is introduced in his new additional work!

20160131_080123.jpg (28925 Byte)

20160131_080712.jpg (25980 Byte)

20160131_080814.jpg (25995 Byte)