Mama Lyatuu

is staffing

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"Hightable" of the specially selected persons

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Mama Lyatuu with her daughter on the high table

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Barnaba is showing the pictures and making the music

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The director is thanking her for her big live time Job and wishing her fare well.

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Cutting the caces

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Delicious meal

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                                                       14. 12. 12

Judith Lyatuu retired just a a week before Christmas.

We had to move all the batteries in the big boxes under the roof connectingthe two studio buildings.

The boxes themselves served as tables

The guest of honour was the late director of the studio Calvin Lyaro.

All was prepared close to a wedding. Judith got even a special cace!

After all the speaches, after the delicious lunch meal every one was dancing!

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Mama Lyatuu thanking all the staff and wishing fair well.

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Bishop Maghina as Master of Cermony