Booster Lushoto Removed

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Usambara mountains

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Old  house in Sony

11-04-12_0800.jpg (54661 Byte)Tumaini Hostel

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Up there is Radio Utume

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Dinner in Umoja Hostel

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Taking down the booster

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Marked in Soni on the road


On Tuesday we went back again from Tanga and went up to Lushoto. We were glad we could get accomodation for this night at the tumaini Hostel.
Radio Utume started with its test transmissions right in Lushoto. It is a new ELCT radio station under the diocese and we agreed to move our micro booster to a place where it is more required now. It does not make sense to have two ELCT stations there.
We passed the diocese. But the General secretary was on the way with guests. But I could talk with him on the phone, and he agreed to take the microbooster off his house.
So we went up to his house and took down the antenna first and then the small receiver and transmitter as well. We fixed everything on the car for the safari to Moshi next day. We finished before it was dark.
The next day we arrived in Moshi in the early afternoon.