Lushoto Transmitter

on air again !

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On Wednesday   April 20th 2011 we around 8 o´clock we arrived in Lushoto Tumaini hostel. Fortunately we got accommodation there and a warm supper.

Arriving there we met the General Secretary, and he asked us to put even the small Microbooster there on air again being in his house! It enables all the people in Lushoto to listen to LRC programs, because Lushoto is in a deep valley!

So we passed by his staff house, which had been a school in the past with many rooms. Our transmitter is located before the toilet of the guest room in a separate building. A friendly lady came to greet us and invited us in to see the transmitter. I thought it was the wife of the general secretary. Unfortunately we failed to greet the real wife of the General Secretary, which gave us some trouble!

The transmitter was taken apart. When we looked for the different items in the room we could not find the 12V Charger of the back up battery any more. We connected a new one, and made the micro booster working again. Unfortunately the backup battery is now weak, because it had not been charged for a long time, and the receiver may forget its frequency during long power cuts.

We noticed that the mountain opposite to the General secretaries house got a new antenna mast. It is a Pentecostal Christian radio station named "Safina" being heard loud and clear now in Lushoto. We wanted to get our transmitter up there since a long time since many years. But it did not work out due to some political church issues and funds to buy a plot up there.   From there the coverage of the Amani mountains down to Korogwe would be easy. Already nearly all phone companies have their station there together with Iman FM, a Muslim station from Morogoro.

Shortly before lunch time we left for Tanga, because we wanted to be there before all offices close for Good Friday.