LMC Members

visit the studio

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Pastor Scheckenbach underlines what he heard

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coffee and cake helps to concentrate again at that time

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They are visiting the newsaroom

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A fiew into the live room where Deo is moderating a program

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It is interesting to see how the recording equipment changed during history in the small museum of the Centre


We are glad we got the opportunity to show the work of the Lutheran Radio Centre and its possibilities to the members of the Luthern Mission Coordination members. The LMC is the committee of the ELCT coordinating the work between the ELCT and many churches worldwide.

After signing the guest book in the directors office and an introduction of the director they saw a presetation of the Lutheran Radio Centre. This led into a discussion about the possibilities and problems of the Centre while Coffee and cakes were served.

On the tour through the facilities the members could see the work of the LRC on different stages.

You find the presentation here: