Battery backup

for Arusha transmitter

26-09-14_1125.jpg (63450 Byte)

Arrived at Lukas place!

26-09-14_1204.jpg (62692 Byte)

Carrying the water up

26-09-14_1242.jpg (32445 Byte)

26-09-14_1536.jpg (49375 Byte)

Transmitter hut

31-07-14_1503.jpg (49188 Byte)

Filling batteries

31-07-14_1628.jpg (28053 Byte)

Telemetry modem and transmitter.




We returned to our Arusha transmitter side again on on Friday 26th September 2014. This time we could even get to Lukas house with the car because they worked on the close by bridge. But even so they still need to cement the top of the bridge. They already have the iron rods, sand, and gravel. But they are still asking all neighbors to contribute to the 18 missing bags of cement!

When we came up we replaced the broken fan on the transmitter box. Unfortunately the telemetry modem broke again and we have to replace it!

Even the yellow battery charger is broken and needs to be repaired.

We could top up the batteries with distilled water and enabled the backup battery after fitting a new low voltage switch. 

But we noticed we definitely need the new thicker cable, because we can not run the transmitter on high power together with the battery charger. The voltage drop is so high that the transmitter with its stabilizer shuts off! The new cable is at the studio. Luka is ready to organize the digging and has sent his quotation to the studio. The diocese has promised to help with it. Now we have to follow it up!