Travel Report


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Lica rebuilding the bridge

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Our electricity meter

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The mountain is really steep!

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Arriving at the transmitter hut

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Inspecting the transmitter tower

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Tey can relax now while we start with our work!

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Clearing the pegs

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reparing the telemetry system

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Filling the batteries


We took off Moshi July 31st some tome after 9 o clock in the morning heading to Kivesi/Arusha. Since my children had still holidays from school my wife asked me to come with us to climb Mt Kivesi. Jonathan Maghina accompanied me as well to learn more about the transmitter site in Arusha.

We discussed the trip right after the morning devotion in the studio and Bishop Maghina asked us to pass by the electronic shop "Benson" in Arusha to buy the stabilizer we need for our Kidia transmitter site.

We did that first and headed then for Kivesi. We greeted Luca, our watchman, when we arrived close to his house at the slopes of Kivesi. "Would you be able to support us with 3 bags of cement to build the Bridge?" he asked us. They were at work rebuilding the bridge of the narrow road leading to the way up to our transmitter site.

We got the keys for our plot from his wife at his home. There is our electricity meter as well.

We started our way up. It is really steep!

When we arrived we first checked the transmitter mast. There was no water inside. The bottom was clear that all water could escape. We have to check that regularry to avoid it is corroding from inside. It looks dirty because moss is growing on its surface, but it is not too rusty yet.

We checked the guy wires and dug them out of the soil again to ensure they are not corroding.

Inside the transmitter hut we replaced the telemetry modem that the telemetry is working again. the old one must have been killed by an over voltage. Then Jonathan filled the back-up batteries. But the 6 liters of water we had just filled the bottom of the batteries. We need additional 30 liters of water and have to come back soon!

Because the power failed for a while we were late to return to Moshi and arrived when it was dark already.