Travel Report


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Arriving from Amani to Kisosora

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Deo checking transmitter and refilling battery

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Water taking away the soil of one of the pegs

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Fiew from the antenna mast

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Arriving in our hotel

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Back in Kisosora reducing power of the link transmitter

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Accountant is coming

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We add electricity Watt hours

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At the doctors home



Since we were so close to our Tanga transmitter side we continued our safari to Tanga, Kisosora the same evening finishing the work in Muheza. We arrived shortly before dark at our transmitter site.

Deo could refill the battery of the telemetry system with distilled water. We checked the transmitter and internet connection and found all working fine.

Checking the outside of the antenna mast reviled that one of the pegs may fail to hold the entire antenna mast if the rain water continues to take away the soil around it. We places stones around it but we have to cement it firmly again the next time we get there!

We listened to our transmitter all the way to Tanga and along the evening, and it showed no problems.

Unfortunately Deo could not make his interview with a doctor living close to Kisosora transmitter site, because the meeting of the doctor took too long. So we slept the night in the hotel first. We used the hotel Deo was using many times servicing our transmitter not far from it.

We noticed that the link transmitter could be heard up to the hotel. That was not intended and I had to return to the transmitter site to reduce its level the next morning while Deo made his interview.

Finally we have got our own electricity meter not using the one of the church in Kisosora any more! But it is a Lucu meter and you have to type in a number every month you have to buy at the electricity company. We asked the pastor to do so, but he had been too busy to do so. So I asked his wife who could help us with it. She gave us the advice to ask the treassurer of the church whether he could do the job. Unfortunately it was public holiday. She called him whether he would come to the congregation, and he told her he was on the way already!

It took not long and he arrived with his motorcycle. Since he has the keys for the pastors office we could get the remote control of the Luku meter easily. He just typed in the number we bought at the Tanesco office and the meter showed over 400 Units again! He is glad to help us every month topping up our electricity account that way! And we are very glad someone is helping us with it!

When I had finished at the transmitter site I went back to the doctor Deo made his interview. He asked us to stay still for tea for some moments.

We continued listening to our station when we were heading towards Moshi already. it was around 10:15 when the transmission got interrupted again and again. It was fine all morning but now the program started to cut. What had happened? It could not be a cable problem between the post office and Kisosora site. Otherwise the problem would have appeared before. But it had been as the treasurer told me bevore: interruptions between 10 to 12 o´clock in the morning! Did the internet connection in Moshi get bad? Is it a problem of the TZ fiber grid? Or just a lack of capacity of TTCL Tanga? Deo opened our webpage. And we could listen to our program without interruption until we were far away from Tanga without interruption. This is showing us there must be a bottle neck at the post office in Tanga not allowing enough traffic when every one wants to finish his work on the internet before lunchtime! We have to find a second source to connect to the internet as a connection through Vodacom, to avoid interruptions of transmission, and a special router has to select the best connection at a time!

I think we have to return the playlist USB stick not to loose listeners if an interruption should occur again. There are other ways to check the internet connection at the transmitter site than waiting for phone calls of the listeners that the interruptions are getting boring!

On the way back to Moshi we could not gat "Sauti ya Injili" between Muheza and Hedaru. That would be the gap Radio Utume could fill. But when? May be we should considder putting a transmitter to Lutindi or the mountain above Lushoto to close the gap!