Travel Report Tanga 5.-10. April 2009

Kisoso1.JPG (18549 Byte)

Teabreak at hedaru

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Lunchbreak in Korogwe

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Lore is cleaning the transmitter hut. A rat has build its nest into it and made everything dirty

Kisoso4.JPG (28105 Byte)

Taking old antennas apart

Kisoso5.JPG (28682 Byte)

Lowering the top pipe with a winch

Kisoso6.JPG (23888 Byte)

Sanding the mast

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Lunch break in the shadow

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Supper in the swimminc club

Kisoso10.JPG (27693 Byte)

Antennas newly painted and elements replaced by aluminium tubes

Kisoso11.JPG (16536 Byte)

The primer has to dry first before we can overcoat the mast

Kisoso13.JPG (20701 Byte)

Amadeus starting the overcoat

Kisoso14.JPG (8818 Byte)

Kisoso15.JPG (24281 Byte)

... and nearly finishing it

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Amadeus, our paint specialist, Lore Prisca and Martin travelled to Tanga on April 5th.

The aim was to repair the Tanga booster station antennas and to repaint the antenna mast, since the corrosive weather destroyed lot of it.

We started on Monday morning to take down the old antennas. First the telemety antenna. Its feed match had been destroyed by picking birds. Then the receiving antenna which elements had been eaten badly by rust, since at that time no aluminium pipes were available.

Then we took down the transmitting antenna on the top by lowering the pipe on the top with a pulley. We were very glad we could open almost any screw in spite of the aggressive weather.

We replaced the transmitting antenna immediately. But the other antennas had to be taken apart first, sanded, painted by primer, then overcoat, and then the new prepared elements fitted on them before we could return them up the antenna mast.

In the mean time Amadeus sanded the hole antenna mast, and painted it with primer. After it had dried we could return the antennas and Amadeus could paint the over coat. The Over coat is drying very slowly, and we wanted to make sure everything is working before we could apply it, that nobody had to go up again the mast.

We got many phone calls by listeners asking us how long it would take until we could finish. Unfortunately we could not get any signal from the feeding station in Mlalo. Several phone calls revealed, that the electricity bill was not paid and it was cut.

One listener on the phone at least could ask a friend in Mlalo to return electricity by a short time, and everybody in Tanga was glad about it. Unfortunately heavy rains started in Mlalo and the electricity was cut again...

We found the battery of the telemetry unit dead, and it also destroyed its charger, because the electricity was turned off for a too long time while struggling to pay the electricity bill. But finally paying a new battery and charger now is more expensive than the electricity saved...

On Thursday we passed by the Electricity companies office to apply for a separate electricity meter. This will help to know exactly how much electricity is used on which end. After signing the forms at the studio the pastor will follow up its installation.

We brought Amadeus to the bus stand, since he wanted stay Easter with his family. We stayed at the beach for the Easter holidays and Lore’s Birthday on Tuesday, and returned on Wednesday to Mosh.

Martin Ahnert.