Diesel for


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buy 300 liters diesel

19-09-14_0954.jpg (52988 Byte)

Rainy weather

19-09-14_1102.jpg (60566 Byte)

We got stuck and had to use the winch

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Temba is rolling the cable back again

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Have lunch when we arrived

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Troubleshooting the generator

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Diesel reflow pipe is broken!

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Filling 300 litres of diesel

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19-09-14_1424.jpg (48984 Byte)

Diesel cock is broken!

19-09-14_1441.jpg (41159 Byte)

Cleaning the diesel spill

                                                  19. 9. 2014


All week long the weather was rainy. The generator at our Kidia transmitter side was running continuously because the transformer of the public power supply was broken. The last time it took months until electricity returned.

We did not want to run out of Diesel on Weekend. So we had to move diesel up on Friday. We filled our carry cans with 300 liters of Diesel, but were unsure whether it will be possible to get them up to the transmitter side because of the muddy road!

But God helped us and we came up except of one corner, we had to use the winch to get the car up!

Unfortunately the generator had started to leak diesel again. We had to repair one of the diesel return pipes which was broken.

Then we filled the tanks with diesel again. When we have finished we noticed that the cock of the diesel intake leaked. I tried to seal it, but it started to leak even more. I called Temba and together with him we could return the diesel into the carry can.

What have happened? The cock broke! Why? We can not understand, just poor quality!

We had to clean the diesel spill and were glad it did not happen when we left already!

But the good news: Tanesco had replaced the transformer and after returning the main circuit breaker we had public electricity again!

So we had been successful after all making sure the transmitter stays on air!