The generator in Kidia is working again !
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Weiter gehts nicht!

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The way has to get repaired before we can get up with the car again!

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We arrive!

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going down the transmitter room

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Diesel pipe is leaking!

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Fitting screws

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On September 4rth 2008 the solar panels at our main transmitter station in Kidia had been stolen. So we had to run the transmitter just on diesel power. On January 17th 2010 even the diesel generator broke down . To stay on air we worked on a underground electricity connection since October 2009.

We got our three phase connection in January 2011. Before we had a single phase connection to the next village.

In February we brought up the step down transformer to reduce the power loss on the underground cable.

On 17th of April 2011 we brought down the generator to Moshi to get it repaired. But it took up to April 13 the 2011 until we got all the spares from Europe, and a way to pay for it, to repair the engine and bring it up to Kidia again.

Since that time we are working on the generator every time we get up to get it working. After the long time all the labeling of the wires got sucked with oil and became unreadable. So it was hard to reconnect the generator to its control unit.

Then the diesel valve to open and close the diesel fuel had been modified in town while the generator was repaired. We had to order a new one from Europe again.

The fuel pipe coming from the injection nossel had to be replaced, and it was hard to get the right since in town. We had to get a 34mm box spanner to remove the flywheel because the wires coming alternator were short. The last problems had been the screws for the fan hoisting missing. All problems caused by repairing the engine in town!

All the time we had to run the transmitter on very low power on battery as slong as there was no electricity. Now we can start the generator remotely if there is a longer power cut!

We are so thankful for all the help!

Here you get pictures moving the gernerator out of the underground transmission room