Maintencence work on

 Kibaya Booster

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On and on, one horuzon after another...

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Kibaya2.JPG (30034 Byte)

Finally we see the posta mountain!

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Tea for ewveryone up the mountain

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Kibaya6.JPG (29378 Byte)

Lock problems on the container

Kibaya7.JPG (40644 Byte)

Refill battery water

Kibaya8.JPG (31950 Byte)

Adjusting switchclock

Kibaya9.JPG (42063 Byte)

Plastic foil against water getting into the container

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                                                                                    20.09. 09

On Monday afternoon we had all hands to do to get every thing ready for the long trip. Firstr we had to clean the office car and get it ready. Then we had to coleect all the tools and measuring equipment up to GPS we needed to get to our target. Lore went shopping to get enough food for all the trip.

We wanted to take off on Tuesday at 7 in the morning, but unti we fetched Deo at home and some more money at the ATM it had been much later.

We followed the tormac road through Same. In Hedaru we left it and followed the dirt road, crossing the Ruvu continuing to Engathment, where Sr. Angelika formaly worked. Especiall around the Ruvu you are just passing a desert, not seeing any road again. Especially there the GPS really is a big help if you know where you are heading. Ofern there are many possible ways and many tracks in the Sand, but not a single Traffic sighn!

Around 2 o`clock in the Afternoon we came through Engathment and around 5 we reached Kibaya on the Post mountain after 418km of travelling.

We could have our supper while the sun set down. Unfortunately some insects have built their nest inside the lock of the booster container, and we could not open it any more. We filled the lock with oil and left it penetrating into it. Fortunately it it had been possible to open it after one hour of Work on it.

Deo slept in the Booster Container and we slept in the office car. On the next morning we refilled the batteries with water, and covered the container with a plastic foil that the rain no longer can get into it. We also increased the power that the signal can reach Morogoro better.

Before we headed Morogoro we payed our electricity bill in Kibaya, and talked to the Evangelist because the pasor was on a safari .