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           Travel report " Radio Furaha"           Iringa 12.-14.11.2008

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A stop for having Lunch on the road

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Lutheran Congregations church...

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... and congregation centre, we could sleep

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Transmitter mountain

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Diocese "Dira"

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Director Calvin Lyaro explaning possibilities and dangers of mass media as radio

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Building of the new studio

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Lunch at bus terminal Iringea


On 12th November 2008, I took off by Hood bus together with  the director of RSYI Calvin Lyaro and his Brother Pastor Lyaro.

We arrived in Iringa in the evening. We had super with Sia, the director´s daughter, now studying at Tumaini University in Iringa.

We got good accommodation at the Lutheran Parish’s office.

In Iringa all FM stations are on a hill over viewing both, the town and the road from Morogoro to Mbeya. This is an excellent place to reach many listeners.

After tea, Mr. Protas Kanemela us brought to the centre of the Diocese (Dira). He is Radio Furaha Coordinator.

During the morning devotoion the director explained to the Diocesan staff the difficulties and chances involved in mass media outreach. Then we had a chance to see the room where the new radio "Furaha" studio will be located. It is planned to divide it into three sections: A live room, a discussion room, and a small control room for program production/editing and recording.

We advised them to have double glass windows between all 3 rooms, so that the discussion room can be used in a live set-up or for production. If windows can get natural light from outside would be stimulating. They would also maintain the feeling of the staff. Hence they should not be removed, but be made soundproof by adding another exterior window.

Then we had the chance of sitting together in the General Secretary’s office. Director Calvin Lyaro put his emphasis on a soft, smooth start for Radio Furaha by using RSI programmes and slowly adding own programmes as manpower and funds allow. Programmes can be obtained from RSI by direct internet streaming, by file transfer using internet or by CDs sent from Moshi on a regular basis by Hood bus. He invited Radio Furaha staff to visit RSYI for some time and learn how all procedures work.

I tried to paint a picture of the coverage of the transmitter and the balance of power used and comfort for the listener including uninterrupted power supply for the transmitter and the studio.

On the order list of the transmitter we added the antenna mast, lighting arrestors with all fittings and cables to the transmitter. Also full cabling for the STL needs to be added.

We put much stress on acquiring our own plot on the transmitter mountain, as big as possible, have proper fencing, a watchman’s house with toilet (state regulations), and a secure transmitter hut with electricity connection to Tanesco, proper cooling fans, better Air-conditioning, to remove about 3 kW of waste heat, without letting the dust in.

Since the order list for the studios is by far not complete, we wanted to include the media Consultant of the LWF,  Jukka Lavata-Hakuni in choosing and ordering the equipment.

Talking about the studio we gave a clear picture of the modern ways of program production by using a chip recorder for program inserts, connecting it to th PC for transfering the programmes, using editing software, an archive computer holding all aired and subsequent aired programmes, and an airing computer using a live assisting program to get the programmes on air.

We stressed the necessity of a good and fast internet connection for gathering news and exchanging programmes by FTP and streaming.

The planned time for opening "Radio Furaha" on April 12th, 2009 is quite short, especially if heavy equipment, such as cables has to be brought by ship. We asked to press for the orders immediately.

RSYI Director Calvin Lyaro invited the "Radio Furaha" staff to come to Moshi as soon as possible. I will be available to help connecting the equipment on the transmitter site and the studio together with a volunteer coming from Germany.

We left Iringa for Moshi after lunch at the bus terminal of Iringa.


Martin Ahnert