The Lutheran Radio

Centre got new frequencies !

Following the instructions of the TCRA the Lutheran Radio Centre had to change its transmitter frequencies in all the Kilimanjaro regian.

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In addition all stations receiving from our Station in Kilimanjaro regian had to be adjusted as well.

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Ezra and Materu are preparing the announcement in the recording studio.

We are starting with the transmitter in Same.

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The road up to Vudee

WP_20170215_10_59_24_Pro.jpg (86963 Byte)

WP_20170215_10_59_34_Pro.jpg (89612 Byte)

WP_20170215_11_20_22_Pro.jpg (132105 Byte)

We are checking our electricuty meteter in Vudee at the church.

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Starting to climb up to the transmitter site.

WP_20170215_12_34_00_Pro.jpg (175583 Byte)

Our new Fundi Reagen is wondering about the way up.

WP_20170215_13_02_57_Pro.jpg (90671 Byte)

But you can see really far from up there!

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Reagen is setting the new frequency. Also the Evangelist came up with us.

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Also the telemetry is working again. So we can supervise the transmitter in Same again.

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We also have to change the Frequency on our main station in Kidia. Since the generator had run a long time we have to refuel it as well.

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Reagen is venting the Generator.

WP_20170216_10_31_48_Pro.jpg (119356 Byte)

Now we know why the generator ran continously: Too high voltage has fried the Over Voltage protectors, and the circuit breakers had drippt.

WP_20170216_10_51_42_Pro.jpg (96807 Byte)

In the mean time TEmba is refuiling the generator. Then we continue our journey to the trasmitter site.

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Starting from this point we have to continoue by foot.

WP_20170216_12_25_27_Pro.jpg (112263 Byte)

Reagen is readjusting the frequencies even here!

Then we run down the mountain quickly because we have to adjust the frequency in Arusha the very same day. They are not receiving anything again!

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It is slippery with rain on the way up.

WP_20170216_18_24_58_Pro.jpg (89659 Byte)


WP_20170216_18_35_39_Pro.jpg (91730 Byte)

A picture to remember on the way down.

WP_20170216_18_44_15_Pro.jpg (78114 Byte)

The sun is setting behind Arusha

WP_20170216_19_57_13_Pro.jpg (77083 Byte)

Stop and go traffic towards Moshi


WP_20170217_11_22_14_Pro.jpg (87530 Byte)

Also on East Kilimanjaro no reception again. So we have to change both frequencies there, too.

WP_20170217_11_22_41_Pro.jpg (93447 Byte)

WP_20170217_13_00_46_Pro.jpg (90465 Byte)

Reagen is checking our Luku meter there.

Also our station in Mlalo is getting no signal any more after changing the frequency in Kidia.

WP_20170221_15_53_48_Pro.jpg (150977 Byte)

You may see the cross on the rock above Mlalo.

WP_20170221_17_34_23_Pro.jpg (85683 Byte)

Reagen is readjusting its receiver frequency.

WP_20170221_18_18_58_Pro.jpg (80429 Byte)

Unfortunately a strong station is using the very same frequency in Kenya we have got from TCRA for Kidia. Kidia can not be heard any more.

WP_20170221_18_53_36_Pro.jpg (113258 Byte)

So we try to get the signal from Tanga town and turn the receiving antenna round.

We arrive at our new transmitter site in Makanya in the Amani mountains next afternoon.

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They show us the bricks they prepared already.

WP_20170222_16_46_37_Pro.jpg (100830 Byte)

Reagen is talking with the contractor and massonary about the work ahead.

WP_20170223_13_53_11_Pro.jpg (100926 Byte)

It takes up to afternoon until the foundation is ready.

WP_20170223_15_39_34_Pro.jpg (103204 Byte)

Then we are starting with the iron bars of the bottom plate.

WP_20170223_17_40_23_Pro.jpg (94756 Byte)

Unfortunately we got a lot of rain so the bottom plate is getting ready nearly six o'clock in the evening.

WP_20170223_18_03_46_Pro.jpg (90354 Byte)

Now we get chicken and ugali for all workers since we had nothing else the whole day.

WP_20170223_18_22_47_Pro.jpg (92361 Byte)

Now we are ready to sleep at the Amani Rest house.

Since we learned from the TTCL terchnician that the modem at our transmitter site in Tanga needs replacement we went to Tanga the next day and replaced it.

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Unfortunately our car got locked up by TRA when we left Tanga, because there are still a number of unsolved issues between the ELCT and the TRA. But after paying a fine at TRA in town we got the car again and could continue the journey to Moshi after 3 hours.

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We are so glad to get our firswt meal at an highway restaurant this day around four o'clock in the afternoon.

While we changed the frequency in Mlalo Deo, another technician from the studio went to Kibaya Kiteto by bus to change the frequency there. We assisted him by sending pictures by WhatsApp to make sure everything is working well.