Cable for Kidia


We are lucky the ground cable has arrived!

And the ditch is there already!

Here we check whether the ditch is really 3 feet!

5km is far !

taking 1000 metres of the reel without cutting it.

...and to store it in the car is quite some work

Every one is getting his share of the cable to carry to the ditch

Here we connect it to the cable we layed the previous day

The dich is covered again by soil

Now it is payday for the work done!



Yesterday we brought the fourth of the rollst of cable up to Kidia. Even though it looked like rain th ewhole day it did not rain until we came back when it really started to rain.

On the next day we came back from Dar and Lushoto we had to get up to Kidia and check the ditch the first 1000m they had dug to lay the cable. Then we prepared the cable of the first reel. Since we could not brin the reel to the site because was too heavy, we had to take off the cable and bind it in bits one can carry alone. bitween the bits we left about ten meters to give enough space for the  next person to carry his bit of load. So one ton of cable could be carried by 40 people up to thje ditch and be layed into it, even though no vehicle could teach there.

But the cable had to be taken off the reel first! We had to bring one reel between two other ones and put a big steel pipe into it to spinn the cable off. But to move the 1000 kg by hand was not easy!

Bringing the cable as close as possible gave us problems, because the rainy season had made everything muddy and slippery.

There were many people at the side, because part of the ditch was filled with mud by the rain at night.

After getting some soda and cake for every one we started to bring the cable to the ditch in a lon snail.

Tomorrow we will lay the 5th kilometer of cable and we will reach the place where we asked for a electricity meter to connect it to the mains.

As soon as the electricity reaches the transmitter we can increase the power of the transmitter to reach all listeners much better.

We will not need the generator as often again, and we will save so much money on diesel.