Anderson is retiring from the service in the Lutheran Radio Centre
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Bischop Martin Shao is blessing all workers retirering end of this year

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High table with Bishop Martin Sao and assistant Bishop Frederic Shoo

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Many of Andersons Co-workers are bringing presents for Anderson Mmbandow

One day before Christmas the studio closed for this year unto January 4rth.

Of course all radio programme activities continued!

We had the holy communion service together with all the staff of the Northern Diocese at 10 oclock.

In this service all peoples retiring end of this year had been prayed for by Bishop Marin Shao including Anderson Mmbandow, the head for many years of the technical department of the Lutheran Radio Centre.

After it all were invited in the Uhuru Hotel by Bishop Martin Shao for lunch.

He had asked every co-worker last year to select another co-worker and to pray for him secretly this hole year. Now there was a chance to tell the other person about it and give him/her a christmas present!

Also each department of the Lutheran Radio Centre had been called to the front to bring gifts for the retirement of Anderson. I am sure even many people had prayed for him!

Unfortunately he could not attend the dinner personally. The ne director will bring him the gifts to his new home.

Among other things the technical department compiled a web- picture- album with pictures during the last 12 years.