Travel Report

Amani Mountains

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Arrived in Amani and

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Village of Lutheran Evangilist

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Canteen of the Natural Reserve HQ

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Waiting for state representatives

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On the way to Makanya

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Tea plantations

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Way up to the Tea factory

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Tea Factory

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Way through forrest

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In Front of anglican church

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Way up Vuga hill

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Line to dig electricity cable

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We are having a soda together

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Deo testing the base gitar

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Way back

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Visit at Anglican Pastor

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Moring to return to Moshi- Rain again

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Way down

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Stop at Tanesco in Muheza


Since we set up the transmitter in Tanga we are looking for a higher location to place the transmitter there to get a better coverage of the coastal area around Tanga. Right now the coverage is about 40 km around Kisosora/Tanga.

Other stations are using low hills North of Segera (TBC Taifa 89.6MHz, TBC FM 97.8MHz, Uhuru FM 106.7MHz), or another 80m mast close to Muheza belonging to the local Catholioc station (RFA, .................................).

But we see the coverage of Tanga up to Segera is not possibele from either of these places. In addition we got a notice from TCRA, the state authorothy for radio licensig, that we have to move out of the residential area of Kisosora up to October this year.

So it became high time to get active now! 

Deo Mosha and I took off Moshi on Wednesday 28.9.2011 shortly aftert 8 o`clock in the morning. We reached Muheza around 2o`clock and Amani Resurch station around 4 in the Afternoon.

First we had to go to the head office of the Amani Conservation Area and pay for using the road in their area.

Then we looked for Gideon Charles, the financial controller of the Malaria Resurch station, who helped us so much the last time when we checked all possible places to put our transmitter.

We were so glad when we met him again, and that he was there again!

He organized for us a place in the Guest House of the resurch station and a possible to get lunch and breakfast in the Amani Natural Resurf Hadquater.

Looking through the list of possibilities there only had been one place interesting to put our Transmitter: the village Makanya, because we need direct vision to Tanga for connecting the Transmitter via STL and internet, since a satellite connection is still out of question. The covered area from there is Tanga town, Pemba (some shadows between South Tanga and Pangani) but then up to close of Segera and very far South. Not Korogwe! But that is still the coverage of Radio Mitume, Lushoto.

If we would have a satellite channel already we would place it to Kwevihombo. From there we would even reach Korogwe and all of the Amani mountains together with Tanga, Segera, Pemba and even more South.

The same evening we tried to contact the Luthern Pastor of that area. Unfortunately he was not reachable. Then we visited the Lutheran evangelist of that area, but he could not help us, since he was on holidays, and he did not want to do anything without his pastor. But then we found out, that nearly all people living in Makanya are Anglican Christians. So Gideon went down to see the Anglican Pastor right this evening whie we got supper. Unfortunately he had planned a service next morning, so he could not come with us to Makannnya.

On Thursay morning we got up with rain. After tea we visited Gideon at his office. If the church officials could not help us right now we should start with the state officials! Unfortunately the mobile phone coverage is poor between the mountains and we could not reach anyone. So we decided to drive there in the rain as soon as Gideon could get away from his work. On the way Gideon asked for the "Mwnyekiti" of the village. "They are on the way to Amani for a meeting using the shortcut!" they replied. So we turned around, followed them and gave them a lift to their meeting place in Amani. There we met the Divan of the area Mama .... We were very glad to involve even her in the project.

After the meeting, around 2 in the afernoon we could return to Makanya together with the Mwenekiti of the village. We passed the Tea Factury we need to get the electricity from. They also havew an electric water pump in the forrest, from where the connection would be closer to Makanya. But we are not sure whether it is an Tanesco or private line running there.

We passed the woods of the Conservation area and came to Makanya. The Mwenyekiti brought us staight to the Anglican church. From there we had a wonderful fiew towards Tanga!

But we can not set up the transmitter next to the chrch. We looked for a high place outside the village. We found it on the "Vuga hill" towards the North of the village.

The owner of this area Bwana Franzis is very cooperative since he wants to support the spread of the gospel very much. His house is just down the hill, so that he can even watch this area of the transmitter well. It will be good to write a letter signed by him, the mwenyekiti and the pastor of the village with copy to the Divan. It also would be good to give him a symbolic price for the plot to appriciate his kindness and to have a written document for the future.

The villagers are ready to help us to dig the 4000m trench from the tea factury up to the hill with a small payment.

The distance on the road from Amani resurch to Makanya is 15km, line of sight is only 8 km. The distance fom the tea factury up to the Anglican church is 2.24km line of sight. Following the road it is about 3km and another 1km up to the Vuga hill if we take the shortcut through the woods.

Coming back to Amani Resurch we reported all the Anglican pastor. He was very glad about the effort we made this day and promised his full support.

On the way back to Moshi the next day we stopped at the Tanesco office to talk to the manager about getting power at the tea factury. He told us it would be possible to get a seperate meter at the transformer if we take care about the earth cable ourself. We got the application form. We need to return it with a approved contractor from Moshi providing a schematic diagram and signing the form together with the signatures of the studio.

When the form is back they will tell us where the meter is located exactly.

We also need to write the tea factory to ask for permission passing the earth cable along the ways in their field without disturbing the tea plants.

Then we need to write a letter to the Amani Conservator asing to pass the cable through the conservation area between the tea factory and Vuga hill.

Then we need to inform TCRA about our new transmitter location and ask for permission to move it there.



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The excellent fiew of the coastal plane of Tanga from the Vuga hill towards Tanga

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and towards the South

Addresses and Numbers:

Rev: Fr.Francis Juma Shaba

The Anglican Church of Tanzania



Gideon Charles  0659 31 72 12


Divan Mrs. Almas 0787 02 02 90


Mwenekiti Makanya:   James Ndege      ..............................


Plot owner: Bwana Franzis .........................................

Plot: 5*5 metres on Vuga hill position close to: S 5deg 2.520        E 38deg 40.343

Tea Plantation:

Bombay ?? Burmah Trading. Co. Ltd




Conservator Amani Natural Reserve

P.O.Box 1



Tanesco Muheza:

Secretary to director: ...........................